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Contact: Ilir Dardha

Address: Tirana
City: Tirana
Region: Tirana
Country: Albania
Albania Estate was the original company to market Albania Property and Albania Real Estate to the overseas investor in 2005. We provide you with trustworthy Albania Property and Albania Real Estate assistance on every step of this process. We are the oldest real estate company which has been marketing Albanian properties overseas since 2005 already. We are proud to have served hundreds of foreign clients as well as the large and wealthy Albanian Diaspora that have bought through us. Through our partners in Albania we will be there for you on every step of the way. Our team in Albania will be happy to provide our services to you. We are present in every coastal city of our country sourcing Albanian properties to the foreign markets. Part of our services is Rental Management, Property Management and Furniture Packages. Our team is best at offering tailor made packages to our clients
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