Terms and Conditions.

By creating your account you agree to the following terms and conditions.

1. All advertisers; private owners or agents, must have the legal authority to advertise and list properties on our platform. All listings must meet the legal requirements set out in their respective Country.

2. Holprop Ltd. does not act as broker or agent in anyway regarding property rentals or sales between the owners and/or their agents and any other party. All enquiries, bookings and business arrangements regarding sales or rentals remain the responsibility of the advertiser.

3. The owner and/or their agent will endeavor to ensure that the written details and photographic images fairly represent the property, and will indemnify Holprop Ltd for any claim whatsoever, arising from any inaccuracies in the property description/details. The owner and/or their agent will be able to check all these details before the advert is published. If at any time subsequent to publication the owner and/or their agent should notice any significant error they should notify Holprop Ltd either by post to Error Dept, or by email as soon as possible. All details are found on our contact page. They will further indemnify Holprop Ltd against any claim whatsoever arising from any dispute between themselves and/or their agents and any other party for whatever reason.

4. There is no minimum contract period. For subscription accounts, payment is monthly unless specified otherwise at the time of signup. Cancellation can be effected at any time by canceling your account/advert through your management area online, giving 2 weeks notice to Holprop Ltd by post or use the contact form by following the link "contact us" from our home page. After receipt of cancellation, the property advert or account will be de-activated.

5. In the event of a monthly hosting payment(s) not being received Holprop Ltd will suspend the advert for 1 month after which time if no satisfactory arrangements have been made. The property advert will be deleted.

6. Holprop Ltd will use its best endeavors to maintain a presence on all the major international search engines but cannot guarantee position. At our discretion we will make your property advert available to associated holiday property websites/databases or other promotional internet portals in order to increase exposure on the internet.

7. We reserve the right to cancel any advert should we feel for any reason that it would be inappropriate to publish it. Any correspondence should be sent to the appropriate dept. Holprop Ltd, 17 Everoak Park SW. Calgary, AB, T2Y 0A5, Canada

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